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Experience true healing at the union of science, symptoms and spirit.

Discover a transformational approach to health that honors you physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and lets you create a life that you love without limits.

Hi, I’m Dr. Kristi. 

I’m a Functional Medicine Naturopathic Doctor who helps people heal more deeply by understanding and treating the underlying, root causes of their conditions, rather than merely covering their symptoms with quick-fix treatments. 

Healing is never linear and it can often include an integrated process that involves a blend of various therapies and healing modalities over time.


This patient-centered, whole-body systems approach blends the science of functional lab testing, the power of targeted questions, the clues of symptoms, and the wisdom of plant-based medicine and sacred teachings. This synergy creates the ripe opportunity for healing across mind, body, and spirit.

I believe in whole-person health care that merges science with soul, empowers people to understand and take control of their own health, and helps them to lead more balanced and authentic lives.

While the foods we put into our bodies and the gastro-intestinal tract that absorbs these nutrients makes up an important foundational element of health, it is not the full picture. Deeper healing goes far beyond our diet and our gut. 


When choosing a guide and partner in your health, you need a doctor that can evaluate, recognize, and appreciate all of the body’s inter-communicating organ systems and create a personalized healing plan with your unique nature in mind. 


Think of the diagnosis as a broad yet focused bird’s eye view of your body’s systems. And then think of your healing plan as creating and following a recipe using a variety of different, yet synergistic and essential ingredients.


Your personalized treatment protocols are designed with key factors in mind — your biology, your lifestyle, and your natural inherent ability to self-correct and self-heal. This protocol honors where you are, where you want to be, and what you need in order to get there.

I work with women who are:

Experiencing the myriad of symptoms from Perimenopause - the transitional bridge between the reproductive, fertile years and Menopause - when the menstrual periods completely stop. Perimenopause is my passion, area of expertise, and superpower for evaluating and treating your symptoms. 

Struggling with Female Hormonal Conditions and conditions like PMS, PCOS, Acne, Endometriosis, Menstrual headaches, Irregular menstrual bleeding and more. Struggle no more. You've come to the right place!   

Needing support for the Thyroid Gland and Metabolism, which when not functioning well, can commonly lead to Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, weight gain, low energy, brain fog, hair loss and more. FYI, thyroid disorders are often a symptom of something much greater and deeper going on within the body.

Having Gastrointestinal and Digestive Discomfort related to SO MANY contributing factors. Let's take a deep dive to figure out the root cause(s) of your symptoms so your gut functions and feels healthier AND the rest of your body can heal as a result. 

Suffering from Chronic Stress, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, mood swings, sleep disruption, and other harmful effects of unrelenting stress - whether real or perceived. There are countless Mind-Body Therapies to alleviate stress and heal your body from the effects of excessive stress hormones. Stress reduction practices are part of my transformative arsenal to get you feeling more resilient and calm. 

Feeling “stuck” when it comes to healing - physically, mentally, emotionally and Seeking a Guide, Teacher, Coach, and Health Partner to feel inspired, recharged, and empowered to take back control of your whole health. 

Excited, committed, and Open to the Abundance of Possibilities for Healing on all levels! No such thing as "One size fits all" when it comes to the human body. It's all about creating a unique formula or a special recipe for YOU to heal.  


Transformation is the key to unlocking doors you didn’t know existed.

Transformation has been a powerful theme throughout my own life and has profoundly influenced my health care practice. Whether it is transparent and palpable or happening on a microscopic or subconscious level, our bodies and minds are in a constant state of transformation. Stress, trauma, transitions, physical illnesses, and the natural aging process can lead to unexpected new changes in our bodies and minds. 

My 6-Month Revitalized Reset Program guides you and yet empowers you to determine the trajectory of your health. Through personalized assessments, laboratory testing, mindset coaching, and individualized treatment plans, your body has the potential to experience better vitality and energy, a more stable mood, replenished and balanced hormones, a regular functioning digestive tract, clearer, brighter skin, a greater feeling of peace and alignment, and so much more.

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Your body has the inherent wisdom and ability to heal,

re-calibrate, and maintain itself. Through understanding and honoring the sacred connections between body, mind, and spirit, you can take back control of your own health.  


Take that leap of faith and trust. 

I found Dr Kristi after experiencing a very scary health issue in a foreign country.  Upon returning home I wanted a doctor who could help me understand what had happened and would help me get my health in order.  I signed up for the six-month transformation program and learned SO much about my health and body.   Dr Kristi ordered tests that my primary care doctors had never suggested or offered.    With Dr Kristi’s guidance, I restored my health and began exercising and eating properly.  I learned about food allergies and sensitivities and got my hormones in balance.   I’m now completely hooked on my new routine and I feel great.     Dr Kristi helped me through a scary and difficult time and I am grateful.

Kathleen, Granite Bay, CA

My experience with the six month program helped me clarify my wellness goals by giving me the information and support I needed to continue my good health journey. You don't have to have symptoms of illness to work with Dr. Kristi. She is an important part of my strategy to prevent health problems from arising. I recommended Dr. Kristi to several friends, and I recommend her to you. I am glad I took the time to take care of myself and continue to implement the protocols I learned from her. 

Jennifer, Orangevale, CA

I began working with Dr Tompkins in 2011, a few years after I gave birth to my twin boys at the age of 46!  My hormones were completely out of balance.  It was not the hot flashes, it was the anger and anxiety.

When I first spoke with her I knew I found my Dr!  Her demeanor was extremely kind, she listened with empathy and I could feel that helping others was her passion.  I did not understand what was happening to me.

She educated me on this very complex and terrifying topic.  In a short period of time and after reviewing lab work together she got me back to balance and feeling like a normal human being again.  I simply cannot express how grateful I am for that.

Sylvie, Naples, Florida



The Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Transformation of Perimenopause

While Women's Hormonal Health is my main area of expertise, my passion lies in helping and educating women during Perimenopause.

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