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Find your collective
& reclaim your wild.

You deserve to feel part of a sisterhood that will lift you up and support your health goals. We get why you choose a Naturopathic or Functional Medicine approach to healing. There's no need to feel alone in your health quest for a better quality of life.

The Wild Collective is a supportive community of like minded women, offering health education that will help ignite passion and purpose into your life.

Learning about the feminine power from a health perspective will increase awareness and allow you to tap into and be closely connected to your inner voice and intuition.

The Wild Collective is a 10 session Women's Health Program with educational presentations, online handouts, intentional goal setting and a supportive community of women who want you to succeed.

10 Sessions of 10 Women's Health topics emersed in community.

​Continued community growth through our private Facebook community.

BONUS MINDSET COACHING SESSION program with Adele Tevlin included in this Wild Collective program purchase. 

Special Gift sent to you for being part of this community.



10 Women's Health Topics & Sessions

Support group

connections with like minded women

Medical Consultation

Feel empowered and self advocate with health professionals

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Lifetime access to the information, & community of women

Smiling Women

Learn a foundational women’s health curriculum


Meet    Dr. Kristi. 

Hi, I’m Dr. Kristi and if you’re reading this page, you are meant to be here!

As a Naturopathic Medical Doctor for over 12 years, I have the honor and joy of helping people heal, evolve and ascend using a whole person approach – body, mind and spirit. My specialty and passion are centered around women’s health and hormones and women’s empowerment from adolescence to post menopause.

While our female bodies are beautifully created, our cycling hormones and fluctuating moods and metabolism make each and every one of us unique. It’s incredibly common to feel confused and frustrated at times with what’s happening in our bodies at each phase of life. 

I have personally struggled with my health and hormone imbalance over the years so I fully understand the discouraging feelings and emotions. Through the right guidance and information from experienced practitioners and individualized treatments, I have experienced transformational healing many times over!

Within my practice, it is my goal to help educate you to make better sense of the physiology of the body, evaluate the underlying cause(s) of symptoms, provide you with personalized and comprehensive natural health care support and help navigate your body to an even healthier, stronger state of wellness.

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The Wild Collective Women’s Group Program is the perfect complement and offering to my practice. What I love about this program is not only the women’s health educational modules that teach women about body awareness, balanced and sustainable self-care rituals, I truly appreciate the emphasis around building community, connection, celebration and bringing back the old roots of sisterhood. Community truly is the medicine!

If any of this resonates with you and you are interested in joining this collective of amazing and unique women (just like you), please click on the link below and you will be added to our list for the next program!

I look forward to seeing you in The Wild Collective!

Dr. Kristi Tompkins, ND


The Program



The life giving cycle of women’s hormones (pre & post menopause) is perfection. 
Learn how your hormones can be your superpower.



Learn the physiology and science behind detoxification.
What do you need to detox & clear from your life?



Setting goals & taking action on the things that matter. 
Gain clarity on your mission & purpose.



The health and vitality of our female organs are essential for creating life and allows us to feel sexy and feminine. 
Connect to your female power.



Carbohydrates come in many forms. Knowing which ones and how much you need can affect your body immensely. 
Learn how to boost & balance your energy everyday.



Breakdown the physiology of your digestive system. Listen to the wisdom of trusting your gut.



This metabolic powerhouse gland does wonders for every cell in the body. 
Begin to speak your truth.



Get better sleep and your stress improves. Manage your stress and your sleep improves.  Become more resilient through your challenges.



Nourish the brain on every level - physically and psychologically - and witness profound affects on your  mood, behavior and future reality.  Master your mindset.



Intuition + Connection to something
greater beyond ourselves.
Awaken & empower yourself and other women. 

Image by Maria Stewart


The Wild Collective is offered across Canada, USA, and New Zealand. We are growing every single day and making stronger connections as we expand.  Be a part of something great, something that will change you for a life time and something you can share with others. Be apart of a world-wide powerful collective of women.

You crave more meaning; you know that there is something powerful waiting within you to be unlocked. You want to know yourself better, you want to understand, you want to feel deeply connected to yourself and serving your purpose.


We celebrate the ones who take ACTION!


Sign up for the waitlist to be added for the next class.

Learn how everything you need to thrive has been within you all along.
We will help you understand how the divine feminine is the key to unlocking this power within.

Wild Sister Wisdom

"I joined The Wild Collective this fall with a bit of hesitation because I'm not someone who knows a lot about the Naturopathic world and wondered if I'd become overwhelmed when it came to the terms and concepts I hadn't heard of before. I also knew that a big part of The Wild Collective was to be a part of a community, however, I already have some really amazing women and communities in my life, who I am grateful for, so I thought it might be too much to add yet another commitment to my already busy schedule. Nevertheless, there was something about The Wild Collective that had me curious, so I decided to join!


Well, it's been 8 months and I am SO thankful that I joined The Wild Collective. From the very first meeting, I learned so much valuable information about my menstrual cycle and have continued to learn about my body, my nutrition, my gut, my mind and so much more. On top of that, there has been a gradual and fulfilling feeling of sisterhood with the like-minded women in the group that has developed over the months. Even though I have friends who I can confide in and talk to about pretty much anything, there is something very special about the women in our The Wild Collective community. I feel a unique bond and openness with them and it has helped me learn and get through some challenging times.


I was particularly blown away during this week's meeting, which was our first time meeting virtually due to CO-VID, by how much The Wild Collective seems to nourish a certain part of my soul. The Zoom meeting we had was a total success and a testament to how committed Michelle is to continue the connection and learning we do each month. I think it was no accident that the topic for this past week was "My Brain/Mental Health." I could go on and on, but I'll end by saying... The Wild Collective is amazing and I recommend it to anyone interested in starting or continuing on their personal growth journey!"


"When I first signed up for The Wild Collective what caught my attention was the word "Rebel". (I actually immediately had visions of being wild in the jungle and flying through trees like Tarzan lol)

Having made decisions in my life that I deem to be of the rebel nature, I decided I needed to see how much more of a rebel I could discover within myself. And whoa, I've definitely been infused with some beautiful and powerful things that are empowering me to continue on a lit path.

Listening to all the women share about their journey in life, their vulnerabilities, their joys and hardships, and simply how they share their hearts, is affirming. The space we share in has an energy of safety, love and laughter:)

The knowledge that was humbly and lovingly presented to us, set me on a healthier path with my body and spirit. I definitely feel more connected to myself, with a curiosity into topics I had no idea about that has been ignited.

Our virtual session was one where I had no idea of how it would go. BUT, I can truthfully say that the connection to the women in our collective really strengthened for me. I was able to focus on their facial expressions and tune into their emotions as they all spoke. While I do enjoy gathering in person, this experience was really fun, sparked more change and of course was quite easy :)

So would I recommend The Wild Collective? 1000%. I came into it with an open and ready mind. I decided to be present and to be as patient as possible with the journey, as this life long journey of discovering ourselves is a beautiful, wild and exhilarating ride."

—Love, Reeshma

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