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Your Gorgeous Hair: A Functional Medicine Approach

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Our precious hair serves many functions in our bodies, primarily for insulation to keep us warm and for sensory reception to detect auditory and other external stimuli. Of course, we all know that our unique hair – especially on her heads – can have a profound aesthetic appeal and attractiveness to ourselves and others.

Hair is made primarily from a protein called Keratin. Hair follicles keep the hair rooted into our skin with the hair bulb at the base to receive blood, nutrients and hormones for ongoing growth and strength.

When we are younger – childhood, adolescence and the decade of our roaring 20’s – our hair grows quite abundantly, stronger and in many cases thicker. Bountiful levels of human growth hormone, sex steroid hormones, thyroid hormones and more allow hair to grow and flourish.

Additionally, pregnant women often experience beautiful, lush and radiant hair due to the substantial increase in reproductive hormones.

As we approach the second half of our life, our metabolism tends to slow down.

Our hormones decrease, nutrient digestion and absorption in our GI tract becomes less efficient and our bodies also undergo more oxidative stress.

All of these can lead to increased hair loss.

Listed below, you’ll find many reasons for why hair loss might be occurring at a more rapid rate and/or less regrowth than we’d prefer.

  1. Thyroid disorders: hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, hyperthyroidism

  2. Peri & Post Menopause

  3. Metabolic conditions such as Diabetes

  4. Autoimmune disordes such as Alopecia Areata

  5. Chronic stress

  6. Chronic unhealthy or nutrient poor diet

  7. Protein deficiency

  8. Excessive alcohol abuse

  9. Recreational/harmful drugs

  10. Amenorrhea – skipping or no periods in women of reproductive age

  11. Severe weight loss and/or being underweight

  12. Poor absorption of nutrients in the gastro-intestinal tract

  13. Inflammatory GI Conditions: IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s, Celiac Disease

  14. Infections in the Gastrointestinal tract

  15. Medication use such as antibiotics, immunosuppressant, corticosteroids (prednisone), chemotherapy drugs

  16. Taking excess androgen hormones: testosterone, DHEA

  17. Fungal infections on the scalp

  18. Dermatitis on the scalp

  19. Cancer & Metastasis

  20. Other Chronic Illnesses

  21. Advancing age

As you can see, the possibilities are varied, complex and overwhelming. So, how do you go about determining the “root” (pun intended) cause of your hair loss?

You seek out the help of a Functional Medicine or Naturopathic Medical Doctor (like me) of course! This is precisely what I am academically and clinically trained to do – investigate and unravel the possible clues that can lead to a better, targeted diagnosis and authentic resolution of symptoms.

I understand that every person has a unique array of symptoms, conditions, lifestyle, past medical and family history and that personalized medicine is the most optimal path to greater and deeper healing.

My Vital Transformation Program is an excellent example of root cause, comprehensive, inspirational and personalized natural medicine. This all inclusive, interactive program provides you with specific evaluation and guidance based on your symptoms, 8 detailed functional labs, 6-12 monthly appointments, individualized treatment protocols, nutritional advice, 25% discounted supplements from Fullscript, unlimited email communication, thyroid and bio-identical hormone prescriptions, motivational mindset support and consistent accountability.

This program gives you the opportunity to experience a healthy, engaging doctor/patient relationship, the most effective, specialized therapies, preventative medicine and long-term results.

Read more about The Vital Transformation Program HERE.

PLUS, I have some really exciting news! I have partnered with a company called Nutrafol that focuses on encouraging hair growth, adrenal stress support, gut microbiome health, nutrient replenishment, hormone balance, more revitalized hair and diminishing unwanted hair loss. And, they have products for both women and men.

Read more and shop for Nutrafol Hair Products!

Interested in becoming a patient and getting started with your new personalized, transformational health program? Have a family member, friend or colleague who needs this level and quality of healthcare?

Schedule your complimentary Discovery Call today and let’s come up with a plan to work together!

Schedule that call HERE.

Dr. Kristi

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