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Thyroid Hormone and Your Metabolism

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Although these symptoms can be related to many other hormonal and medical conditions, they are often the result of a malfunctioning thyroid gland. If left untreated, symptoms usually worsen and can be exacerbated by advancing age, menopause or andropause, insulin resistance and diabetes, obesity, environmental toxins, other chronic illnesses, chronic stress and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Fortunately, the thyroid gland can be treated through healthy, nutritional and natural treatments, thereby restoring metabolism. In many other cases, thyroid hormones such as animal derived desiccated thyroid (i.e Armour, Naturethroid) or synthetic thyroid hormone (i.e. Synthroid, Cytomel) can be prescribed, thereby boosting metabolic rate and helping the body to function optimally – the way it was designed.

To find out if you have an un-diagnosed thyroid disorder or want a different perspective and treatment approach on your thyroid condition, schedule an appointment today.

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