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The Miracle of the Human Body, Mind & Spirit

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

The other day, I started thinking about the human body and all of the amazing things it has the capacity and power to do for all of us. I was in the middle of a workout when these thoughts came to me and often get these flowing insights during exercise.

I was considering how our many muscle groups work in concert together to keep us strong and steady and how much blood and nutrients they demand to continue strengthening and building.

I envisioned our sacred and relentless heart that continues to beat moment after moment and remains the primary source of life giving blood to every organ and cell in the body. This also happens to be the organ that metaphorically and quite literally represents our emotions of love and desire. “Feel it with your heart.”

Our guiding and sensing eyes and ears that are able to receive information from the outside world in the form of visions and sounds. These in turn get interpreted by our brain that tells us how and when to acutely respond.

The upper and lower respiratory airways (nasal, sinus and lungs) both consciously and unconsciously expand and contract, keeping us critically alive as a steady flow of oxygen permeates every cell in the body.

Our tiny butterfly shaped thyroid gland that sits at the base of the front of our neck fiercely keeps our metabolism blazing ahead to burn fat, keep our body warm, give moisture to our skin and hair and supports healthy energy levels so we can stay alert and focused throughout the day.

Our soft, yet sturdy skin – the largest organ in the body – protects us from the outside world, helps regulates our body temperature, allows us to sense and feel physical touch and inspires us to look and feel our best.

Have an injury or wound? The brain signals to the immune system, the cardiovascular system and the skin to immediately get to work on this injury – all happening “behind the scenes” without your knowing and completing the job until it’s healed.

The robust gastro-intestinal tract – our inner fire pit – that manually digests and absorbs the nutrients from our food, delivers those nutrients to every organ in the body via blood vessels and hosts an ecological and immunological haven – the microbiome – to defend us from pathogens and microbes.

And of course, I couldn’t forget our magnificent brain, masterful mind and highly attuned nervous systems that orchestrate and carry out countless conscious, unconscious and subconscious functions, thoughts, emotions, feelings in the body – all occurring simultaneously!

Consider the power of prayer or distance healing for a person or a group of people. These people may be in a different location than you and yet they somehow receive this healing energy that can create a profound effect on their body. The human spirit can connect and “communicate” with other human spirits in a way that transcends space and time.

We are beautifully predictable and similar and yet complex and mysterious beings with so many deep layers.

The innate mastery and wisdom of the human body, mind and spirit to heal on its own – given the right circumstances, environment and time – is nothing short of a miracle.

While this remains true, every single one of us still needs the right guidance, motivation, accountability and partnership in health. When you make the decision to work with a doctor or health care practitioner to support you with your health, it is important to understand how this professional approaches the healing process. These days, it’s not enough to just understand anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmaceutical drug prescription dosing and choices for surgical removal of organs.

You need someone that fully comprehends how all of the body’s systems interact, communicate and affect each other. Gut dysbiosis and allergies will inevitably lead to skin, joint and brain issues. Low thyroid conditions will likely lead to elevated lipid levels and water retention. Liver and gut inflammation will adversely affect your sex steroid hormone production and balance. Chronic stress? Every body system suffers with this common response to life.