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The Anatomy & Harmony of Hormones 

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Over this past weekend, I “attended” a live, virtual conference on Hormones – thyroid hormones, adrenal hormones, sex steroid (reproductive) hormones and a few other key players. It was presented by the Institute of Functional Medicine – an incredible organization I respect and admire immensely.

What was covered included common hormonal conditions, symptoms, best lab tests for evaluation and a comprehensive approach to treatment and healing – from a functional as well as a conventional medical approach.

While this topic is right up my alley (my #1 specialty actually!), I found the presentations, the presenters and the valuable information delivered to not only be relevant to my practice and patients, but also highly captivating!

It would come as no surprise that the emphasis was heavily focused on the communication between the various hormonal systems but also the strong interactions between our hormones and our other body systems.

If our gastro-intestinal tract is out of balance for a variety of reasons, it will affect

ALL of our hormones, our brain, our skin, our joints, our blood vessels, our mood.

If our thyroid gland is inflamed or sluggish, our reproductive hormones suffer, our gut and brain health slow down, our energy reserve bank is siphoned and our hair and skin struggle with diminishing moisture and integrity.

If we are chronically stressed and secreting an overabundance of cortisol from our adrenal glands, our reproductive and thyroid hormones take a backseat, our gut becomes irritable, our brain and heart function become chaotically incoherent and our sleep and sense of safety in the world are pushed to fight, flight or freeze survival mode.

This ongoing interplay of engaging organ systems is boundless.

It was a gratifying and beautiful reminder of how tightly connected and reliant our different organ systems are with each other and how healthy communication between the cells of these organs is essential for optimal health and survival.

These hormones must work together in harmony – like a symphony playing a song – for a healthy body to thrive and exist.

Similar to human beings trying to communicate within varying communities, organizations and countries, right?

If you are trying to figure what’s happening with your hormones, how and why they might be out of sync and causing intermittent, confusing symptoms…OR if you’re struggling with chronic stress, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, skin problems, high blood pressure or GI issues, then please remember… They are all connected!

And, most importantly, you likely need professional, guided support to ensure you get the individualized help you need.

If you are SO ready to:

  1. Get to the root cause(s) of why your body is giving you these frustrating symptoms…

  2. Receive a high level of engaging, personalized 1:1 health care attention and healing protocols…

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