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🧘‍♀️ ❤️ Stress Resilience & Holiday Special Offer

As we dance our merry way into this Holiday Season, I wanted to take this time to share a few thoughts, special updates, and reminders with you. For so many people, this time of year is fraught with a variety of experiences, activities, influences, and emotions. Words that come to mind include generosity, love, gratitude, connection, vulnerability, sharing, spirited, and community. This season can absolutely feel joyous and represent the “most wonderful time of the year.” For some people, however, this time can also bring up significant stress, anxiety, depression, sadness, anger, irritability, uncertainty, shame, separation, and loneliness - even when we are surrounded by people. And you can feel love and connection and stress and separation all within a matter of minutes from each other. Add in the unrealistic expectations of our society, the relentless trauma and fear-driven news coming from all media sources, family members and friends who you may not feel in alignment with any longer (never really did?), over indulgences in food, alcohol, drugs, medications, spending, electronic devices as a way to cope and “check out,” and the level of distress and anguish is perpetuated. It’s so important to remember that we don’t know everyone’s full story. The truth, the pain, the fears behind the smiling face doesn’t often show. Compassion, empathy and kindness go a really, really long way – especially during this sensitive time. However your body handles stress during this time of year and all throughout the year - physical, emotional, psychological, chemical (food/drinks/drugs) - it’s still stress. Acute stress is normal and vital to our human existence. Chronic stress, on the other hand, affects our bodies in such adverse and extreme ways that truly can’t be sustained. The long-term effects of stress can lead to such symptoms as insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, eczema or acne flaring up, hair loss, hormonal imbalances, weight gain, fatigue, muscle pain, elevated blood pressure, heart arrhythmia, mood swings, troubled relationships and more. How long do you remain stuck in that vicious, stressful cycle before you finally make changes in a more positive direction? In addition to supporting women with their complete health and hormonal conditions, one of my special interests is in helping people cope with, alleviate, and shorten the stress response so that it doesn’t prolong into a chronic condition. And chronic stress affects your hormones (along with every cell and organ in your body) and hormonal imbalances and irregularities make dealing with stress that much more difficult. It’s all connected. Having struggled with a history of chronic stress, worry, fear, and nervous energy along with its many health consequences, I know what it feels like to suffer in silence across many layers. Unless you have the right skills, and techniques to lower the stress response, it can wreak havoc on your health. Fortunately, there are countless natural, aligning, and resonating treatment approaches that can fully support you to adapt to stress much easier and manage it in a way that uniquely addresses your mind and your body. And when stress is better managed, everything in your body takes in the rewards. As you close this year and contemplate the upcoming new year, how will you move forward with your health? What changes do you want to make (need to make) in your life? What habits and behaviors do you need to let go of? What habits and routines do you need to create, develop (or resume), and practice? How will you step towards a greater version of yourself? A version of you that you deserve to experience. Are you planning to do this solo with the help of endless Google searches or do you need the right help, information, guidance, encouragement, and accountability? Whether you are looking to reset your health and need support to make a few changes or you are ready to completely transform your health, your mindset, and your unconscious patterns in a more substantial, longer-lasting way, I can help you get to a new level. From now until December 31, 2022, I am offering Special Holiday Pricing for all of my Programs. My 6-Month All-Inclusive Revitalized Reset Program for a deeper dive into transformation on many levels, the shorter 3-Month Revitalized Reset Program, the Monthly Membership Program for all current and past clients, and my Women’s Health Collective Online Program starting in February 2023. So many wonderful features and benefits within each Program to get you feeling better!! If you are interested and want to know more details, or know of someone in your life who would truly heal from this level of comprehensive Functional Medicine care, please schedule your Discovery Call today. Click the link below. Yes, please I'd love a Discovery Call! If you have already had your Discovery Call and are now ready to make those substantial changes to your health for a better quality of life, please reply to this email and we’ll get on a call to get you started. If you are a previous client and now want (or really need) to resume and revamp your health to get you back on track, reply to this email and we’ll get on a call to reestablish care. Don’t delay taking advantage of this Special Holiday Pricing! The new few weeks will sneak up faster than you can imagine. Enjoy this Beautiful Holiday Season!

Dr. Kristi

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