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Resiliency, Community & A New Year

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

“Resilience is not all or nothing. It comes in amounts. You can be a little resilient; a lot resilient; resilient in some situations, but not in others. And no matter how resilient you are today, you can become more resilient tomorrow.” ~ Karen Reivich, Director of Resilience & Positive Psychology Training Programs  

I love this quote. You know why? Because it represents real life and real humans. It’s not about perfection. Or always being strong and brave. Or pretending to be strong and brave. It elucidates the fact that some days we get back in the game, ready to play. While other days, we might dread getting out of bed and facing our current reality. The important thing to consider is that every time the sun rises the next morning, that new day is an auspicious time to hit the restart button, envision a new possibility and create a different, better story.  

The year 2020 has repeatedly shown us that amidst ongoing surprises, transitions, divisiveness and uncertainties (honestly, that’s life in general and any year really), one of the best character traits that we can possess is resiliency.

Resiliency not only takes courage (despite fear) it actually gets stronger with time. It’s called “strengthening the resiliency muscle.”  

Guess what else becomes just as essential when times are difficult, challenging, nearly impossible and incredibly uncomfortable? Community, teamwork, connection, tribe, belonging, asking for help, being of service to others, lending a helping hand – just like the picture shown above. Collaboration with others! We can’t survive and thrive in solitude, isolation, loneliness and independence. Quite the opposite actually. We struggle and suffer in many ways. Humans need humans in physical presence in order to be completely healthy – physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.  

As you proceed forward into New Year, whatever goals, milestones and intentions you have created (or not created – that’s okay, too), may you practice strengthening your resiliency muscle and may you always remember to help each other out along the mountains, hillsides and roads of life.  

I wish all of you a blissful, healthy, prosperous and nourishing – body, mind and spirit – New Year 2021 and Beyond!   

Dr. Kristi 

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