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Perimenopause & Your Emotional Health

When it comes to treating women's health, which includes hormonal symptoms, one of my areas of expertise and a passionate superpower, is in helping women during the Perimenopausal years.

Perimenopause is the transitional bridge of time between a woman's reproductive, fertile years where hormone levels are more abundant and Menopause, where hormone levels are significantly lower and the menstrual cycle and periods have stopped. During Perimenopause, hormone levels are gradually declining over several years.

While every woman will uniquely "begin" Perimenopause at her own time (based on when her body tells her it's time), the average years are between 35 and 50 years old. So much can and does happen during that time! Perimenopausal symptoms can range from subtle and almost non-detectable to blatantly disruptive, frustrating, and life-altering.

With reproductive hormonal changes, reductions and imbalances, there are often a combination of physical, emotional, and psychological symptoms.

All of these varieties of symptoms can feel uncomfortable and at times brutal. However, the emotional and psychological symptoms of Perimenopause can come on in an insidious, Ninja-like way, leaving you feeling alarmed, confused, out of control, and even more distressed.

How and why?

Our female reproductive hormones have a powerful influence on our entire body, including our brain. And vice versa. When those hormones decline during Perimenopause, the rest of the body and the brain feel the effects. Some examples include:

  • Neurotransmitters like serotonin, GABA, Dopamine can decrease

  • Cortisol can increase, thyroid hormones can decrease, insulin can increase, oxytocin can decrease, LDL cholesterol can increase

  • Our GI Tract can diminish in function which can affect our neurotransmitters, other hormones, microbiome population and therefore the Gut-Brain Axis becomes involved.

  • And so much more!

Here are several emotional and psychological symptoms that Perimenopausal women may experience.

  • Mood swings (happy to irritable to crying in a hot minute)

  • Depression for no or minimal reason

  • More tearful than usual

  • Emotionally sensitive

  • More anxious

  • Panic attacks

  • Irritability, frustration, impatience

  • Anger or angry outbursts

  • Increased overwhelm; feeling overly stressed

  • Challenge coping with stress and changes

  • Brain fog; cognitive function is less sharp

  • Short-term memory is fading; forgetful

  • Difficulty with focus and concentration

  • Indecisive; struggles with choices

  • Decreased ambition, drive, motivation, and taking risks.

  • Less confident compared to younger years

  • Feeling indifferent or apathetic towards things that used to ignite more interest

Yikes, right? Not every woman will have all of these symptoms. Some will struggle quite a bit more and some will "breeze" through with just a few symptoms.

So, what is the most significant contributing factor that influences perimenopausal emotional and psychological health? Your Lifestyle, of course! How are you living? What needs to stay and what needs to go? What are you doing or not doing that is positively or adversely affecting every organ system from head to toe? And that includes your female reproductive organs in tandem with your brain that orchestrates it all.

We cover all of these contributing factors, review all of your symptoms, your medical history, interpret many Comprehensive Functional Labs, and create personalized treatment protocols for you – for the purpose of encouraging and supporting your transformational healing.

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Savor these Holidays!

Dr. Kristi

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