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In Celebration & Appreciation of Women’s Health Week

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

In celebration of National Women’s Health Week (yes, this is in fact this week!) I’d love to take this moment to show my immense respect, admiration and appreciation to not only ALL women throughout the world, but especially to my female patients that I have had the honor of providing health care guidance, recommendations, support and encouragement over these last 14 years that I’ve been in practice.

I have learned a great deal from SO many of you (too many to count at this point) in a myriad of ways. Your experiences, your feedback, your results, your healing has helped me in my practice to even better understand women’s bodies and women’s health. I am deeply inspired everyday with the amazing transformations

I have listened to and witnessed.

Women’s bodies and brains are beautifully profound and the cycling, unpredictable hormones from menarche to menopause mixed with your unique biology make every single of you an incredibly dynamic female.

Collectively, women in community, collaboration – working as a TEAM – can accomplish so much more. In isolation, the growth and reach of women is significantly limited. When women uplift, support, inspire and respect one another, the possibilities for success, expansion, impact and contribution are truly unlimited. A rising tide holds the power to lift all boats.

I know this to be true because I’ve experienced it personally and professionally many times over.

Women’s bodies are extremely vulnerable to the adverse effects of chronic stress. I’ve treated countless women over the years where stress is the root cause culprit of their symptoms and illnesses.

Chronic stress is the match that ignites the inflammatory wildfire.

Just as stress has the potential to affect women, so does a comprehensive, personalized health and wellness program.

YOU – which makes up the union of your body, your mind, your spirit – deserve an approach, understanding and regard for the treatments and therapies that work best for you.

A woman doctor has an undeniable advantage and gift at appreciating, embracing and treating women’s health care conditions. She just gets it. And she is the solution and the bridge to your health transformation.

This is called alignment. Some might call it resonance.

An even greater advantage is if that woman doctor is a Naturopathic Medical and/or Functional Medicine Doctor – one that treats the whole person, addresses all of the body’s organ systems, researches the root causes of illness and disease and one that honors the healing power of nature and the inherent healing power of the body.

You have questions about your health? I have answers for you and your health.

Schedule your preliminary Discovery Call today and let’s get you started on the right path to healing. Schedule HERE.

And Happy Women’s Health Week & Beyond,

Dr. Kristi