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Immune Support & 15 Min Appointments!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I hope you are feeling safe, well and adjusting (or trying to adjust!) to this unusual yet temporary time. For some of you, this is an easier adaptation. For others, it’s become far more stressful in many ways. However you are coping, I hope you have the love and support of family, friends, colleagues, healthcare providers and kind strangers to help carry and uplift you – in person or virtually – through this time.

Many of you are reaching out to me in need of hormone prescription refills. Some of you are due for testing (2x/year or every 6 months is required), while some are not needing testing quite yet. While many labs are remaining open during this time (i.e. Quest Diagnostics) and taking safe and precautionary measures for blood draws during Covid-19, some of you are not comfortable leaving your homes and visiting these facilities. That’s completely understandable.

So, during this uncertain and unpredictable time, I am postponing lab testing for all patients until June/July 2020 when hopefully our world and local communities are safer with far less risks. For the purpose of continuity of care and so that you continue to receive your hormones, you will need to schedule a follow up appointment with me to review everything – symptoms, changes, improvements, side effects, questions, etc. Just be sure to choose Phone or Videoconference Appointments during this time as Telemedicine continues to evolve.

I also wanted to take this time to announce that I am offering shorter appointments with a reduced fee for those patients that don’t have significant or complex symptoms to discuss and do not have labs to review. I’ve added a 15-20 minute phone or videoconference appointment for only $95 and is now available to book from my online scheduler at All appointments are based on time and complexity and if you need or require more time for questions and explanations, I’m happy to change that and the billing accordingly.

With the ongoing pandemic, stress and seasonal changes, I’ve added some supplement recommendations to help with immune support, anxiety and spring allergies/hay fever. All products are available on Fullscript – an online dispensary:

1. Biotic Extra by Priority One by 1 cap 3x/day 2. Aller-Essentials by Pure Encapsulations – 2 caps 2x/day 3. Resveratrol Ultra by Integrative Therapeutics – 2 caps per day 4. Curcumin + C (Longvida) by Metabolic Maintenance – 1 cap 3x/day 5. Optimal Vitamin D by Seeking Health – 3 drops per day (2000 IU per drop)6. NeuroCalm by Designs for Health – 1-2 caps per day 7. Ashwagandha by Ayush Herbs 1-2 caps per day 8. Ther Biotic Complete by Klaire Labs (probiotic) – 1 cap per day

One last fun part! I’ve been diving in a bit more into social media marketing and creating and posting more content (including videos!) to those pages – Facebook Business, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. If you haven’t yet liked, followed or subscribed to those pages, please do and share with your 2-3 of your friends and family members – including these regular emails that you are receiving! And if you have a YouTube Channel or a Facebook Business Page, or any other business related social media page, please let me know and I’ll like, follow and/or subscribe. They are listed here and down below at the bottom of this email.

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Please take care, stay in touch, be safe, healthy, physically active and calm. 🙂

Dr. Kristi