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Finish The Last Stretch of 2020 With Perseverance, Joy & Peace

Updated: Aug 22, 2022


We are on the home stretch of 2020 and I have to admit – I’m undoubtedly thrilled! This year has dampened spirits (mine included) countless times and I’m really looking forward to moving forward!  With this whirlwind year rounding out, we must give ourselves a pat on the back for staying in the game.

There’s still time remaining on the clock until midnight on December 31st, 2020 and if we finish with a sense of tenacity and accomplishment, we’ll transition into 2021 with much greater ease. External circumstances won’t change quite yet from this year to the next, but out inner circumstances (our mindset) can reframe, believe and practice anything. 

Here’s a few helpful tips to get you through these remaining Holidays. 

1. Human Connection Will Always be a Top Priority: The rates of isolation, loneliness, depression, anxiety, addiction, poor health, domestic abuse, suicide, job loss, bankruptcies, early mortality continue to escalate. It is crucial to keep reaching to people as often as you need. Don’t assume anything. Just because you live with people, that doesn’t eliminate the possibility of loneliness. And likewise, if you live alone, the essential need for human connection becomes even more vital. Humans are meant to connect, survive and thrive in a community. Phone, Zoom, In Person safely – whatever it takes to keep you going strong.

2. Therapy is a Godsend: I’m a staunch advocate for counseling and therapeutic support for your beautiful mind and brain and its immeasurable effects on the rest of the body. I’ve been to therapists throughout my life and I recommend it to all of my patients and know it has helped me and them immensely. It doesn’t mean that you are broken, damaged or weak. It simply means you need another objective perspective (set of ears and eyes) on how you can better reframe your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and actions so that you can live a life you cherish and love. And quite honestly, everyone could benefit from that. Helpful beyond words and especially during this time. Find a therapist here: Psychology Today

3. The Simple Things Can Uplift Your Spirits: This past year I’ve been going on frequent walks with new German Shepherd puppy, Penelope. During this Holiday Season, I find so much joy in seeing all of the Christmas decorations. I came across this house that you see at the top of this email near my home in Roseville, California. It was so beautifully decorated that I had to walk up to the top of this cul de sac. To my surprise, I noticed a very cool lamp in the window. Not just any lamp, this was a distinctive Leg Lamp. This iconic lamp was from the Holiday movie “A Christmas Story” – something I watched often growing up during this time of year. It made me smile and of course, had to take pictures to share with others on social media. What are some simple things that you can do that will uplift your spirit?

4. Natural Anti-Depressants: When I think of natural anti-depressants, I’m not referring to pharmaceutical medications or even herbal supplements that come in a capsule nor referring to the immediate gratification of shopping on Amazon. Instead I’m speaking of life’s events and experiences that naturally bring that sparkle and light into your life and encourage release of those feel good neurotransmitters like serotonin. Things like genuine communication with someone where you feel heard and validated, a deep, tight hug from your loved ones, smiling at others and seeing the returned smile, your favorite exercise that gives you an endorphin rush, a delicious mouth watering meal, sunrises and sunsets, falling snow on a winter’s day, that first cup of tasty coffee or tea to brighten your morning, laughter until you cry, your favorite movie, unconditional love from your pet and prayers for peace and healing. What are your go to natural anti-depressants that don’t cost a single penny?

5. DIY Cool Stuff: In my case – Homemade Lip Balm: I am a self confessed lip balm junkie! I probably have about 7-8 naturally made lip balms scattered throughout my home, kitchen, living room, purse, bedroom, car. The more variety of flavors and scents – the better. I’m not sure where the obsession came from, but trying and making different natural skin care products has been one of my passions for decades. This weekend, I’ll be creating my own lip balm batch from scratch using natural, safe, aromatic and therapeutic ingredients and give them away to people on the “Nice List.” Whatever you like to do or make, be sure to get lost in your creativity and share your amazing gifts with others.

6. Comfort Food for the Soul – Gluten Free & Paleo Peppermint Brownies: It’s no surprise that I love baking. Ever since I was a child, the kitchen has been my happy place, my comfort zone for creativity, flair and rebalancing. Baking desserts doesn’t have to be entirely unhealthy. There’s an abundance of healthier and semi-healthy recipes to choose from throughout the infinite internet. Recently I made Peppermint Brownies without gluten, dairy and without a lot of the not so good for you ingredients that tend to inflame and weigh down our bodies. These brownies are ridiculously delicious! See the link below if you’re interested: Not a baker? Do what you love and provides comfort to your soul.

Paleo Peppermint Brownies

8. The 80/20 Lifestyle Recommendations: It’s the end of this crazy year and it’s also the Holiday Season. Which