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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I hope summer life is bringing you smiles, laughter, fun and connection with those you love and care for!  

So most of the gyms are temporarily closed. That’s the bad news. Quite the bummer if you love and miss your gym! I know I do. I really enjoy the group exercise classes, the community, the positive energy, the good vibes, the music, the air conditioning, the smiles, the sense of humor from the instructors and of course the plethora of physical and emotional health benefits!  

The good news: You can still get fit, healthy and strong at home or in your neighborhood without relying on brick and mortar gyms. Many of you are already conditioning your bodies and brains to practice consistent exercise. And some of you have successfully made the switch or were already doing that pre pandemic. Great job if that’s you! 🙂  We know exercise is essential, right? And it’s certainly not just for weight loss or muscle strength.  

Here’s a positive reminder run down list of all the therapeutic advantages of cardiovascular and muscle strengthening exercise: 

  1. Stronger muscles = increased metabolism = increased fat burning

  2. Higher energy levels (ATP production) sustained throughout the day

  3. Relieves (or eliminates) stress, anxiety, depression

  4. Deeper sleep for repair, recovery and rejuvenation

  5. Defensive immune system (increased immune cell production)

  6. Muscle strength = Less likely to get injuries from simple activities

  7. Regular digestion = greater comfort = flatter tummy

  8. Sharper clarity, cognitive function, focus, memory support

  9. Moderation or lessening of excess cortisol

  10. Reduced glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure

  11. Better functioning liver for healthier looking skin

  12. Improved oxygen flow and breathing within sinuses and lungs

  13. Less inflammation = less pain = happy human

  14. Increased hormones: Testosterone = better libido

  15. Decreases Estrogen dominance = less heavier bleeding, cramping, headaches

  16. Reduced or more manageable PMS symptoms

  17. Increased thyroid hormones: thyroid = metabolism = fat burning

  18. Balanced endocrine system = less hormone deficiency/excess symptoms

  19. Increased Neurotransmitters: Endorphins, Serotonin, Dopamine, Norepinephrine – elevated mood, yet calm afterwards

  20. Enhanced self confidence and optimistic mood

  21. And so much more!

So, what are some creative, empowering, strengthening ways you can work out at home besides walking, running, biking, swimming and hiking in your local

communities? Those are wonderfully amazing as well by the way! Listed below are several online options, streaming options from TV, Laptop or Smartphone, Apps, Facebook workouts, YouTube options along with traditional exercise DVD’s. Check them out!

  1. Street Parking:; various online workouts at different levels and lengths. 

  2. Open Fit:; Barre and other workouts 

  3. Peloton:; Amazing Peloton bike plus online workouts; Power packed and energizing community vibe workouts!  

  4. Aaptiv:; Thousands of online workouts with various instructors; offers a FREE trial 

  5. Sydney Cummings: Sydney’s YouTube Channel: A high energy, enthusiastic fitness instructor; Exciting  new workout daily.

  6. Les Mills: Les Mills YouTube Channel: A variety of workouts, various fitness instructors from all over the world; originally based in New Zealand. 

  7. PopSugar Fitness: PopSugar YouTube Channel; A large variety of exercise workouts, different instructors; many FREE workouts 

  8. Gaia:; Yoga workouts from beginner to advanced levels 

  9. Collage Video/TV: Exercise DVD’s, online workouts

  10. Amazon: Exercise Workouts, Prime Videos, DVD’s

Need help with weight loss support, nutrition and diet support, hormone testing and balancing, food allergy testing, sleep improvement, mood support, tapering of pharmaceutical medications that are causing side effects? Schedule a Follow up or New Patient Appointment with me.

Schedule here: Keep in touch, savor the summer and have a fabulous week!  

Dr. Kristi  

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