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Change Your Life: Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditations

When it comes to deeply healing the body from any type of illness, disease, complication or setback, in the majority of cases, it truly requires a holistic approach in addressing the whole body, mind and spirit. In other words, "Treat the Whole Person." In ALL ways. For the most profound and sustained results, shouldn't it be that way? Not only does that approach embody the underlying principles of Functional and Naturopathic Medicine, it is precisely how I practice and individually treat my clients. Evaluating and treating a person's physical, emotional and spiritual needs and preferences is paramount to getting to the root cause(s) of why, how and when symptoms developed and providing the best healing outcomes. Why is treating the whole person crucial? If someone is eating organic, paleo, ketogenic, vegan or any other special diet, exercising 5-6 days per week, sleeping 7-9 hours a night, drinking 100 ounces of filtered water, taking a bountiful supply of supplements, using natural skin care products on their body....And yet... They are miserable with their boss or coworkers, fighting with their partner, feeling unheard and invalidated by others in their life, living in a mold-ridden home or an unsafe neighborhood, struggling financially with piles of debt.... Perhaps they are feeling lost in their life, a lack of meaning and purpose, feeling isolated, lonely, sad, feeling disengaged with others, craving authentic relationships with others, an authentic relationship with themselves, fearing getting older and becoming dependent on others and potentially neglected or feeling separate from something beyond the physical world. Are they genuinely encompassing whole health? Is the whole person truly fulfilled and happy? Probably not. Whether it's a physical illness, emotional and psychological distress or feeling spiritually disconnected, those are all forms of STRESS to the body. And stress, especially unresolved, chronic stress, is catabolic and destructive in ways that can lead to a broken body and mind and an arduous, dark night of the soul. So how can we balance ALL aspects of ourselves so that we feel aligned and filled with vitality? A powerful mind-body medicine practice known as Meditation is an excellent way to synchronize, harmonize and uplevel your existence to the fullest extent. In recent years, I've gotten deeper into my meditation practice and with more intention, thought, feeling and dedication. While there are plenty of meditation styles and apps available at your fingertips, there are other meditations that truly stand out as exceptional. Such extraordinary meditations hold the potential for genuine human transformation, changing thoughts, feelings and behaviors and carry the potent possibility to help you create a life you love and appreciate. These special meditations I'm referring to have come from Dr. Joe Dispenza, a researcher, chiropractor, a visionary and a leader in the fields of neuroscience, human transformation, epigenetics, quantum physics, heart & brain coherence, mind-body medicine, meditation, breathwork and more. I have been following Dr. Joe Dispenza's committed and compassionate teachings, work, documentaries, books, interviews and meditations for a few years now and I am so incredibly impressed with the depth of neuroscience, research, details, personalized case studies and thorough explanations of the hows and whys you are meditating in a certain manner. These teachings and meditations have been life-changing work for me on both a personal and professional level. And countless others across this world who follow his teachings agree as well. His YouTube channel (see the link below) is generous with grateful video testimonials of people that have changed their own lives by diving head and heart first into this deeper level of meditation work. Dr. Joe Dispenza YouTube How can a consistent meditation practice be useful, applicable and SO incredibly advantageous and therapeutiuc in your life? In what ways can it help the Whole Person - YOU?

  • Alleviate and/or resolve health conditions

  • This includes physical, emotional and mental illnesses

  • Change your behaviors, thoughts, feelings, reactions, moods

  • Expand your physical and mental energy

  • Increase abundance

  • Attract a new and/or improve your current relationships

  • Attract or create a job or business of your dreams

  • Attract a new home environment

  • Attract new opportunities

  • Help you create a life of your desire and dreams

  • And SO much more!

In the spirit and honor of praising mind-body medicinal practices to change your life in whatever way you choose...AND as a doctor who understands and appreciates the therapeutic benefits of meditation, I now have the official opportunity to recommend Dr. Joe Dispenza's meditations to YOU and all of my clients! If you are new or unfamiliar to this level of meditation and transformational teachings, I highly recommend you start with The Formula. This is an excellent beginner-level introduction that includes 12 lessons, a study guide, summaries of scientific research, why and how to meditate and 5 meditations to help guide you forward. Another great introduction to meditations for those that want bite-size or shorter meditations, I recommend The Generating Series: 6 Meditation Bundle which includes mind-body methods to generate change, inspiration, flow, empowerment, gratitude and joy. If you are a bit more seasoned with his work or other similar meditations, please explore and download the various, empowering meditations for all levels. Click the link below. Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditations If there's any aspect of your life that needs a shift, a change, a reset, an upgrade, a transformation (and that includes every single one of us on this planet!), I highly encourage you to welcome and embrace a meditation practice into your life. Time isn't waiting for you. Nothing changes if nothing changes. And one of my favorite statements, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." Download Your Meditations Today For an ALL-Inclusive, comprehensive, guided and personalized Functional Medicine evaluation and treatment of your total health - body, mind and spirit - let's connect! Please schedule a preliminary Discovery Appointment so we can decide on how best to navigate your healing. Book Your Discovery Appointment If you've already had your Discovery Call but still have some questions OR you are ready to get to the root cause of your symptoms and finally heal, please send an email to or call (916) 542-1820 to start the New Cl