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Causes of Fatigue & The Wild Collective Women’s Health Program

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

So I recently posted on Instagram ( & my Facebook Business Page ( on how a symptom like fatigue or even a general diagnosis like Chronic Fatigue can be correlated to a myriad of certain medical conditions, circumstances both within our control and out of our control. Here’s a few things that fatigue can be related to:

  1. Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

  2. Adrenal Stress or Adrenal Exhaustion

  3. Chronic Insomnia or Insufficient Sleep Hours

  4. Illness, Disease (both Acute and Chronic)

  5. Female Hormone Shifts (PMS, Peri/Post Menopause)

  6. Lack of or Non-Existent Exercise

  7. Foods and Beverages that drain your vital energy instead of building and replenishing it

  8. Toxic Environments (mold, chemical exposures, paint, new homes)

  9. Emotional & Psychological Stress from toxic and dysfunctional relationships or interactions with others

  10. And so many other possibilities!

When someone is seeking my help, advice and healthcare support, they are wanting root cause(s) answers, a comprehensive evaluation (including functional lab testing) and the most natural, least harmful therapies. It’s easy to hop on your phone or computer and Google what your symptoms could be related to and how to fix them. While in some cases that might be an easy fix. In many other circumstances, you’ll need professional guidance and a credible perspective. Plus, you’ll end up traveling down multiple rabbit holes of conflicting and confusing information. We’ve all done that. If you are seeking 1:1 Functional Medicine care, that can be arranged with much more involvement. If you are wanting to know more about how your body truly functions and how it can generally heal at its best when given the right conditions AND in a supportive, encouraging based environment, then group health might be your next more favorable option. What I love about The Wild Collective Women’s Health Online Program that I’m launching on 10/12/21 is that this approach to healing is community centered while emphasizing education and inspiring healthier self care rituals and more balanced lifestyle choices.

Learn more about The Wild Collective HERE.

Here are the upcoming dates, times, details of this program.

Dates: 10/12/21 – 12/14/21; Weekly Tuesday Evenings

Times: 6:30pm to 8pm PST

Where: Zoom Meeting; The link will be sent out to the women that sign up. *You don’t have to attend every session. They will be recorded for you.*

Who: YOU! Women of all ages, locations, backgrounds.

The Wild Collective is a 10 Module/10 Week Online program that covers the following women’s health topics followed by collective conversation.

  1. Female Hormone Health

  2. Digestive Health

  3. Thyroid Health

  4. Detoxification

  5. Stress & Sleep Health

  6. Blood Sugar Regulation

  7. Breast & Vaginal Health

  8. Brain & Mood Health

  9. Vision, Intention & Goals

  10. Divine Feminine Power

**Participants for this program will be limited to 20 women! And you get $100 off if you sign up by this Friday 10/1/21.**

Sign up for The Wild Collective HERE.

Info Session Webinars (FYI, these are optional and not required to join The Wild Collective Program on 10/12/21)

I am hosting 2 free Info Sessions Webinars so you can collect more information and ask questions via Zoom Chat before you begin this amazing program. **You will not be on video for these Info Session Webinars. You will just see me presenting.**  

Please choose one of the following Info Session Dates to join/attend online. If you can’t attend live, please sign up anyways to receive more upcoming details.

Tuesday, 10/5/21 12pm PST

Thursday, 10/7/21 12pm PST

Please share or forward this email to another woman who would greatly benefit from this type of educational and community centered health care.

If you are ready to join us in The Wild Collective, click HERE.

I look forward to seeing you!

Dr. Kristi

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