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Bio-identical Hormones

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Why is it that for many of us, as we age, we just don’t feel as good as we used to? Is it simply related to just “getting old?” Not many people like to hear that answer.

With increasing age, many of us begin to experience various health problems and symptomsthat we didn’t used to have and are often uncomfortable and frustrating. Many of these symptoms can be contributed to a lifetime of unhealthy diet and lifestyle choices combined with chronic stress. Fortunately, these symptoms can be ameliorated through eating a nutritious plant rich diet, getting plenty of exercise and essential deep sleep. The other important component to consider is that those symptoms are often correlated with the decline of our hormones. Naturally and unfortunately, that happens to everyone.

The good news is that those diminishing hormones can be naturally replenished to safe, physiologic levels that are therapeutic and supportive to the body. Bio-identical hormones have been prescribed for decades to help women with hormone changes related to menopause as well as help men suffering from Andropause, the male version of hormone decline. Bio-identical hormones are plant derived, naturally recognizable by the body, researched to be effective and safely prescribed by many doctors. Dr. Kristi Tompkins, a professionally licensed

Naturopathic Doctor, treats many different medical conditions with an emphasis on naturopathic endocrinology, bio-identical hormone support, nutrition therapy, thyroid and adrenal disorders and much more. She has learned from and worked with Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD, a world renowned doctor, author and researcher in the field of bio-identical hormones and nutritional medicine. She earned a Naturopathic Medical degree from Bastyr University in Washington State and also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics/Nutrition.

To learn more about bio-identical hormones and many other ways to improve your total health and feel fantastic, please call today to schedule an appointment!

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