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Authenticity, Integrity & Light

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

“If you think the world is full of darkness, let us see your light.”~ Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

As we welcome the change of seasons and transition into summer, this becomes a perfect time for reflection and clarity around what you truly desire in your life. With this longer, brighter and more expansive time and season, we have the opportunity to see things in the full light as they are, rather than what we think they are or think they should be.

In other words, we come face to face with authenticity. With ourselves, with others in our social circles and with people throughout this world.

When we are authentic with ourselves, we practice integrity. We embody self-respect and self-love. We stand for personal power. We stop pretending. We stop trying to fit in with everyone else. We become honest without apology, even if it’s uncomfortable, scary, unknown and especially even if it means we disappoint others in order to create genuine happiness in our lives.

I hear this similar story from my patients, friends, family members, colleagues all too often. As one person begins to change, whether it’s physically, emotionally, psychologically and/or spiritually – it can disrupt the known, familiar environment as well as relationships. Keeping the peace and remaining stuck is no longer peaceful and instead leads to chaos and dis-ease. And while many people embrace and pursue positive changes and personal growth in their lives, many (so many!) do not welcome change.

Integrity can be seen as strength. It takes courage and perseverance to demonstrate integrity and authenticity in ourselves.

How can authenticity play out in your life?

Authenticity can often require being brutally honest with yourself, admitting your blind spots, weakness, shortcomings, repeated “failures” and the areas in your life where it’s still the hardest lesson to learn.

It might show up as:

Honoring your word and commitments to yourself. Often, we tend to honor our commitments to others more than ourselves. And this can lead to a resentful, distressed, empty emotional cup at some point.

Keeping or resuming your exercise routines – gym workouts, yoga classes, walking, strength training, pickle ball or tennis with friends, etc. Getting started/restarted is almost always the most difficult part.

Moderating or avoiding excess sugar, processed or fast food, caffeine, alcohol and other harmful habits where our body suffers.

Becoming more mindful of how much you mindlessly scroll on your phone, laptop, iPad and other devices.

Observing how much you watch, consume and absorb TV shows, apps, news and other addictive and disconnecting behaviors. Simply being more cognizant when it’s happening and stopping yourself is monumental progress.

Building healthier boundaries when it comes to your relationships. Who in your life do you need to release and walk away from? Who in your life do you need to draw closer to you? Toxic, unhealthy and damaging relationships (family, friends, coworkers, etc) usually get worse, not better, with time. Surrounding yourself with loving, supportive and respectful human beings where you feel resonance is as essential as oxygen. Life is short. The decision to protect your energy is easier than you think.

Establishing a consistent meditation, prayer, journaling, gratitude, breath work, visualization and/or other spiritual practices that calm, ground, inspire, encourage, uplift and heal your entire state of being.

Honoring the inner light within you. Do what you LOVE. Do what your heart desires. Discover and keep discovering your life purpose(s). Follow your soul’s calling. We all have naturally inherent passions that speak to us, especially when we are in a relaxed state of mind. What are you naturally attracted to without forcing, overly trying or pretending? In whatever capacity this looks like for you, in your personal and/or professional life, honoring your inner desires strengthens your integrity.