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A Few Important Updates & Recipes!ūüćé

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I hope are enjoying this beautiful, warm spring! I’m loving all of the vibrant, gorgeous colors of flowers, plants and trees.

As you can see from the¬†picture above and as¬†some of you might know if you are following me on my Facebook business page or Instagram (see the icons below¬†this email to follow me on those¬†pages), I adopted a German Shepherd puppy a few weeks ago. Her name is Penelope and she is a bundle of energy, fun and love (amidst the incessant chewing and potty training)! She is keeping me¬†busy and entertained during this quarantine time.¬†‚ÄėTis the season for pet adoptions and fostering pets at a¬†time when they need us and many of us need them too.¬†¬†

I wanted to send out a few updates about changes to my business office, appointments, hours of operation and new phone number. 

Ironically right before this pandemic and distancing, I was planning to transition to more of a Telemedicine Practice and reduce my in person office hours to 2x/week with the possibility to open a 2nd office in the Roseville area. 

With the recent substantial health risks, brick and mortar business changes globally and locally and advancements in the growing trend of telemedicine, I have happily made the decision to go 90% virtual providing videoconference and phone appointments to new and existing patients. I’ve been offering phone appointments for over 10 years, so that has not changed. 

I will continue to offer in person appointments for new and existing patients at the El Dorado Hills office but only 2x/month with limited hours and by appointment only. 

Telemedicine Appointment Hours are as followed:

Monday: 10am-4pm

Tuesday: 10am-4pm

Wednesday: 10am-4pm

Thursday: 10am-4pm

Friday: Closed

Click here to schedule your appointment! 

***Also please note new business phone #: (916) 542-1820***

Looking for some creative ways to eat healthy, boost vitamins and minerals naturally through food and minimize the stay-cation weight gain? Try these delicious and plentiful spring salads. I already made a couple of them and they are fantastic! 

Tasty Spring Salad Recipes

Be well, stay active, healthy and continue the connection with others!  

Dr. Kristi