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10 Things to Remember During this Staycation

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Hi Everyone,

Yes, this is a staycation for most of us whether we choose to “book” this or not. While many are spending more time (much more time!) at home, it’s common to feel bored, annoyed, antsy, anxious or depressed. Some of you introverts might actually be enjoying this and instead this is a refreshing time for peace, relaxation and reflection. Regardless of who you are and your social preference and lifestyle, this can still be a time for reflection or RE-EVALUATION. Read below for ways to revaluate life and “PIVOT” if needed. Pivot (to turn or shift) is a common word I keep hearing in all of these business and marketing webinars and videoconferences I’m diving into.

1.) Home Life: If it’s just you or you and your partner, your home may never been this clean, organized and peaceful ever again. Soak it in and appreciate the clutter free and psychologically calming environment. If you have children at home, your home may never be this cluttered, messy, disorganized and noisy every again. Respect this present time for what it allows you to tackle and face head on or for the gentle reminder that nothing lasts forever: “this too shall pass.”

2.) Sleep: If you are working from home, already work from home, retired or another circumstance, enjoy this replenishing and delicious sleep as you don’t have to stress about commuting and seeing co-workers or managers that….you’d rather not see. If you still have to drive and show up for work, thank you for whatever you are doing! But so sorry that you have to hit the pavement while the rest of us are in sweatpants and PJ’s sipping coffee, tea (and whatever else) from just a few steps away. My sleep quality and hours of sleep have definitely been better recently and because of that, I’ve noticed my mood is better, energy is higher, I’m more creative and I’m able to multitask like no one’s business. Good sleep makes a world of difference.

3.) Fat Burn or Fat Gain: If you are finding that you have extra time to exercise and are using it wisely, first of all good for you! Secondly, you might discover that you are actually losing weight or maybe becoming stronger and leaner. If instead you choose to snack on Doritos and Wheat Thins while watching the news (and more news) and not as likely to move your body these last couple of weeks, you may have realized that things are fitting a bit more snug. What I realized recently is that because I’m not attending my usual cardio/weights gym classes (which I miss!) and instead taking long walks outside (which are a true blessing by the way), I’m not burning as many calories as I used to. No real change in diet but I wasn’t doing more intensive fat burning exercises as often and so had to dig out the exercise DVD’s (w/weights & cardio) to jumpstart that metabolic fat burning capability once again. You might need to pivot as well.

4.) Oh Hey, Happy Spring!: With the recent global events, I and perhaps some of you almost forgot and missed that we are now in a new season. And what a beautiful, rejuvenating and blossoming (in every sense of those words) spring this has started out to be. This will likely go down as one of the most memorable springs in this decade or generation. Take this sweet time to appreciate the scenic and colorful flowers, green leaves, growing trees and lush plants that are continuing the cycle of life and are not stopping for anything. A lot of new growth and possibilities are arising right now across the world. 

5.) Stay Human: Remember, we are all human and doing the best we can with the hand we’ve been dealt. Some people adapt more easily. Some people don’t and never will. This might be a real and raw opportunity to better understand, accept and appreciate your family members, housemates, friends in all of their beauty and strengths as well as their flaws and annoyances too. Hopefully in many cases, this creates a stronger, deeper connection between you. Remember, they might be feeling the same about you. In some other situations where relationships are often toxic and dysfunctional, this extra time together can make it crystal clear what you need emotionally, spiritually and physically and what (and who) needs to be released for good.

6.) Master Your Talents & Strengths: If you are a college student (or an older adult going back to school) during this time of not seeing your friends as often, this might make you a better student with a stronger academic record. If you are a parent or grandparent at home with your children or grandchildren, maybe this time will “teach” you to become more patient and more compassionate. If you are an employee, manager, independent contractor or business owner, perhaps this is the time to master your job or career and learn new skills or gain new experience to advance your profession. I’ve been listening to many webinars, audiobooks and videoconferencing with colleagues and business coaches on not only the evolving world of Telemedicine, but on digital and social media marketing. Most days I want to scream and cry with overwhelm and anxiety at something this is not easily recognizable to my brain nor part of my usual job, but it’s a great learning opportunity for expansion and growth. There’s no perfect time like the present to learn something new!

7.) Intuition & Transition: Slowing down from the rushed pace of life isn’t such a bad thing. Whether you are spending more time with family, more time alone, more frequent outside activities like walking, running, biking, hiking or gardening, this is the perfect chance to tune into your intuition (your “gut feelings”) a bit more clearly. You can now listen with greater attunement to what your heart and spirit needs to be truly happy and fulfilled in this lifetime. Do you love your job or is it time to reevaluate a different position, department, company or an entirely different career path? Are your relationships (all of them) helpful, loving and supportive or are they hurtful, manipulative and damaging? Do you enjoy where you live in your neighborhood or your state or is it time for a move to a new location? Are you happy with your current health or are you struggling with sabotaging and self destructive habits, patterns and addictions that are adversely affecting your body and relationships with others? Whatever it may be, now is the time to listen to what you need and take steps towards the necessary actions plans to live a life that makes you happy and proud.

8.) Think Globally; Act Locally: I love this phrase and the meaning behind it. It genuinely means to think of this sacred planet from a much broader or global perspective of sustainability, environment, climate, health, economics, business, diverse cultures. And yet this also means to do your individual part and do things on a smaller, more focused approach in your local communities (think grassroots) to therefore support and reach this entire world. Whether this is a role in volunteering in your city or county or you are running a local small business (or working in one) or generously supporting local businesses or health care providers in private practice, you are doing your conscious part to make a significant and positive impact across this planet.

9.) Praise, Awe & Gratitude: It just can’t be stated enough how grateful and appreciative all of us are to those amazing benevolent “super humans” across the globe that are relentlessly putting themselves in the front lines to help others in need, regardless of viral exposure or type of illness or medical condition. Countless people in healthcare, emergency response, law enforcement, global health awareness and protection and leadership roles are showing up everyday to make this world a better, healthier and stronger place to call home. Not just here in the United States. It appears all countries are fiercely safeguarding their people from harm. And most importantly, there’s a profound and collective feeling of similarity and unitedness amongst many countries that hasn’t really ever been part of our history. Everyone is (or has the power) to make a difference during this time. 

10.) Time: Our time on this Earth is precious and finite. A lifetime feels like forever when we are younger and yet as we get older, time just seems to pass us by far too quickly. It’s almost as if someone is pressing the fast forward button in the second half of our life. Just this morning, I was part of a group phone text of both women and men of all ages and this one girl stated that she’s turning 30 tomorrow and that this “Social Distancing and Quarantine” was such a bummer for her as she wanted to go out and celebrate with her friends. I thought back to my 30th birthday when I was living in Seattle during medical school. I went out with my then new friends from that student community and I remember it vividly like it was yesterday. I even remember the dress I wore and the restaurant we went to. For some, their lives have been cut too short unfortunately. For the rest of us that are very fortunate to still be here on this beautiful and sometimes chaotic planet, do your best to savor your present moments and appreciate not only the time that you have here, but also the important people in your life that make this time all the worthwhile.