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Treating more than just your symptoms.

Tap into the deeper wisdom that leads to authentic, long term healing.

I believe that everyone can rewrite their old stories and recreate their lives at any time. I provide my clients with the information and resources they need in order to tap into their own inherent ability to heal and create a life that brings them greater health, joy, peace and success.

I help my clients explore deeper possibilities that address and treat the whole person - physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. 


Transformational Brain-Based Coaching provides an additional, yet essential component to healing.  

When it comes to making changes in your life and facing life’s transitions – whether intentional or planned “for” you, it involves more than simply changing your mind. It goes beyond just thinking happy thoughts, repeating positive affirmations and reading (or listening to) personal development books and podcasts. 


There is a science and a process to behavior change that involves examining and understanding your biology, psychology, emotions, and neurological pathways. There is also an essential spiritual component. While not always straightforward, behavior change involves digging through many, deeper layers for better results. It holds the possibility to be quite extraordinary.


For many years - since childhood - I have been fascinated with human behavior, personality development, addictive and compulsive behaviors, setbacks and resiliency, mindset, shifting thoughts and beliefs, making better choices, and ultimately transformation. 


I have had a relentless pursuit to better understand why some people are more effective and successful at following their dreams, reaching their goals, and changing thoughts and behaviors, while others fall short and give up before reaching that finish line.  


After over 15 years of practicing as a Naturopathic Doctor and helping my clients with their physical health, I had come to realize that many people were struggling with creating and sustaining lasting changes to their health and life. They know they need to lose extra weight, eat more vegetables, limit processed foods, move their body more consistently, quit that addiction, or leave that job or relationship that is stressing their body, but they somehow get stuck in fear, apprehension, uncertainty, shame and procrastination during the process of change. 


Leaving behind the old, the familiar, the known, the comfortable and stepping into the new, the unfamiliar, the unknown can feel very uncomfortable and daunting. That’s why many people retreat back to “safety,” even if the old is just as uncomfortable or oftentimes in a worse environment or condition.  

Furthermore, I have experienced the impact that chronic stress, worry and fear have on my own health, as well as my clients' health. 


Whether real or perceived, authentic or embellished, long-term chronic stress has detrimental effects on our bodies, our relationships, and in every area of our lives. 


In many cases, the unconscious decision to feel and act chronically stressed, worried and fearful can be addictive, further exacerbating a vicious cycle of unhappiness, illness and stagnation.

The opposite is true as well. Feelings such as happiness, love, gratitude, connection, belonging, acceptance, generosity and many others have the power to change your state of mind and being so that your health and many areas of your life improve and excel.  


This lifelong passion for observing and studying human behavior has led me to pursue brain-based personal and professional coaching.  


After full immersion, and participation in several professional, business, and personal coaching programs over the years, not only did I receive incredible guidance, support, encouragement, and empowerment, I experienced profound results in many areas of my life. 


I’ve become a better person, friend, family member, business owner, and colleague. And I’ve become a better healthcare provider to my clients. 


Most importantly, I realized that there was a crucial need for integrating this level of coaching with my clients for significantly better, longer-lasting results. 


One of the foundational elements of Naturopathic and Functional Medicine is treating the whole person. In addition to evaluating and addressing all of the interconnected body systems to decipher the root cause(s) of symptoms and illness, this comprehensive approach to healing includes the essential component of transformational coaching.   


To your advantage and for your best outcome, it shouldn’t be any other way.  

Within all of the various Revitalized Reset Programs, there is a comprehensive, collaborative healthcare partnership that incorporates many essential components, including 1:1 consultations, functional lab testing, ongoing support, personalized treatment protocols and most certainly brain-based coaching. 

Heal without Judgment.

Every day, I see the impact of chronic stress and trauma on my patients and its effects on their health, hormones, and emotional wellbeing. When we feel our physical, psychological, and emotional health pushed to extreme limits leading to imbalance and depletion, that becomes the perfect opportunity to reach out for help and allow these breakdowns to evolve into breakthroughs and transformation. 


I believe that shame and judgment have no role to play when it comes to seeking treatment for any type of dis-ease, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. My approach is based on compassion, understanding, acceptance, respect, and challenging stigma. Our consultations will always be a safe space. 



The Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Transformation of Perimenopause

While Women's Hormonal Health is my main area of expertise, my passion lies in helping and educating women during Perimenopause.

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